Thursday, June 06, 2013

There has got to be a joke in the phrase “Mixed Race Cheerios.”

I'm trying to find the tragedy and the drama behind this ad for Cheerios.  

For the record this commercial does not make me want to buy Cheerios.  This commercial makes me want to feed that little brat that dumped a box of Cheerios on her father to my cats.  But apparently the video caused quite the stir on Youtube among the mentally unbalanced when the black child had the audacity to talk to her white nanny in such a condescending tone.  Then it was really bad when the camera actually panned over to the father, a black man of course, covered in Cheerios; a clear sign that the nanny had not done her job in controlling the little wiccan from casting a polymorphic Cheerio spell on her Dad.  Heads surely rolled.

The argument that is being had over this video is totally idiotic and something out of 1960's Alabama.  When I heard the video was controversial I figured that Mom was doing coke or something, and that the kid walked in on Mom and Dad getting it on on top of the kitchen table, and the child having a flash-forward to a Paris Jackson episode later in life.  Alas, the controversy is a mixed race issue.  Which means that it really isn't an issue and the media is really trolling this controversy because any asshole can comment on Youtube, and that includes the REALLY stupid assholes too.  This isn't a controversy.  This is boring.

Want real controversy?  Make a Lucky Charms commercial with a couple of drunk Irish guys, Peter Dinklidge, and Michelle Obama.  Now THAT would be be magically delicious.             
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