Tuesday, June 25, 2013

National Council on Teacher Quality proves to be just as lazy as Teacher Credential programs

So the National Council on Teacher Quality has released a report that says that unless you have come out of a select view colleges in the United States, you are probably a shitty teacher.  That means you Stanford and UCLA.  Don’t think that your Pac-12 status and “holier-than-thou” academic demeanor gets you a free pass.  Nope.  By-in-large California teacher training facilities are woefully inadequate if you read the recent report from the NCTQ. 

The problem is that the report is a lie.  Ok maybe not a lie as much as very lazy research. 

Take the following passage.


I’m assuming that the term “audition” is simply the idea that they are screened for content knowledge, although the two Teach for America teachers I’m familiar with had no serious “audition” about content knowledge.  If this audition is about content then this part of the report is wrong.  I had to go through an exit interview on content strength going out of the History Department to the Credential Program.  That sounds like an audition to me. 

The report also states that Chico State received sub-par rankings because it did not require “hands-on practice.”  This totally irritates me because it means that my two semesters of student teaching, and semester plus of teacher observations were for naught and I could have just bought my damn credential from the Chico State School of Education.  So what did I do all that “non-hands-on” stuff for anyway?

Quite the sloppy analysis.

This is not to say that teacher prep programs don’t need work because that is a real problem.  Too many teacher programs are concerned about cultural sensitivity and almost totally ignore pedagogy.  Others are credential mills that hand out diplomas for the tuition you pay, and will give it to you even when the Master Teacher says that the newb is not qualified to be around students.  But this report is grandstanding.  It’s some guy waving his arms to attract the most attention even though most of the information is biased, wrong, or promoting this that simply would not work in teaching teachers.  And can we have a program that is critical of public education that DOESN’T actively hump the leg of Teach for America?  Please?  Do we forget that these people are totally unprepared for the classroom and hardly ever stay? 


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