Saturday, June 15, 2013

Musing of the end of 2013's school year

The Kansas City Costco is the most empty I've ever seen a Costco. Ever. And it has a funky self check-out line that is just as shitty as those at the supermarkets in Ukiah, only the people that help you out are usually a lot nicer.

So I'm in Kansas City conducting Year 3 of grading AP Comparative Government exams. The Costco visit was a wine run, and a place were I could buy over 70 oz of Jack Stack BBQ sauce for the price of a shot glass of the stuff at the restaurant. That's some yummy pulled pork when I get home. The Costco wine was worth the twenty minute walk since there is no Safeway locally, and the nearest Trader Joe's is almost an hour by bus. Now I'm stocked for the week and I'm ready to go.

The Class of 2013 didn't end with controversy, with students, at all. I loved many of them to death and they are now off with the wind and a sniff of optimism of what is to come.


I kinda love some of my students. Yes, I said love. I worry about them. Share in there pain and joy. I'm said to see them off while happy to see them moving on. I think that classifies as love. I'm not having children, by choice, and thus I share much of that caring on with my students. Many of them are basketball players because I'm with them so much more than my regular students, and those people on an athletic team will understand that the relationships are different. Stronger. This year I had a collection of students that I just love to death. It pains me to see them go. It makes me happy to see them succeeding.


Rules for going to grad parties. First, realize that there will be more of your students than you expected. I only got gifts for two, and there were many more in attendance. Awkward. Second, prepare to get asked embarrassing questions by people that may have been drinking. This isn't a parent-teacher conference. There may be booze around. Third, lighten up. If you are at a grad party chances are that the kids want you there. Finally, take your medicine if you practice the art of snarkiness. When I saw a pool in the backyard I calmly pulled out my electronics and prepared for the inevitable. Sure enough, four Senior boys picked me up and physically threw me in the pool. I had it coming and it was all in good fun. It meant that I needed to stick around longer to dry off and enjoy my last moments with these kids. Oh, and it was 111 degrees at the time.


The school year did end with a tad bit of controversey that had nothing to do with students. Since I am sick to death with totally unprofessional conduct, I decided to act. I'll leave it at that.

Let the summer commence!


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