Monday, June 03, 2013

Hello there, End of Year



I’m sure there is some kind of message with this picture regarding the end of my school year.  Unless there really isn’t and that’s actually a fire at my school.

Yep, that’s actually a fire at my school.

It happened about two weeks ago when some sparks from a grinder caught dry brush on fire and the flames sped into the hills.  Luckily the only thing that got damaged was the brush and a few acres of plants.  The Low Gap Express (the afternoon winds that blast west-to-east through Low Gap Canyon) didn’t show up until later into the fire so the flames caught away from the school structures, and the buildings weren’t ever really threatened.  And yes the students evacuated and yes everything seemed to go pretty ok.  All in all it was actually interesting to watch but no real damage. 

Well screw you then, Mr. Rattler.  Damn snakes don’t really like fire and apparently they’ve been wandering around our little campus out back.  Believe it or not nobodies been really bothered by snakes at the school (we are nestled in the hills), although occasionally (like now) we get rattlesnake warnings, which means people have been seeing them here or across the street in Low Gap Park with some regularity.  Hopefully they continue to stay away. 

Otherwise it’s the normal end-of-year stuff on this end.   


Hey look, this is one of those posts where I can officially welcome my new boss to the blog because we have a new boss at our high school and I know that he has read my blog.

It’s also one of those awkward posts where you wonder what you are supposed to say that doesn’t make you sound like a total kiss ass, or a complete rebel against the oppression of the fascist regime of administrative authority. Bah, I’ll just blog as usual. Yeah, so the unusual aspect of our new principal is the fact that he’s my wife’s old principal for the last few years.  So when I mean “fascist regime of administrative authority”, I mean it in the most benevolent of ways. 

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