Saturday, March 09, 2013

Oh, I don’t know, my father might have kicked my ass if I did this.

It was the typical high school hockey game.

A Senior plays his last game for Senior night in the metropolis of Farmington, Minnesota. 

Four years of blood, sweat, and tears come down to a few final, crucial plays.

A Senior sheds one small tear at his decision he makes, unless that was a smirk and I saw it all wrong.

That same Senior then collects the puck and deposits it carefully in the back of his own net.

Then, as the horn sounds, he flips the bird to his own coaching staff, salutes the crowd, and leaves the ice.

Why did he do it you might ask?  Because the JV goalie was getting more minutes.

“They played this sophomore goalie for the starter………I would try and talk to the coaches about this and tell them I want playing time.

My hockey season is over. I did it for myself. (Like my status) if you think the coaches should quit:)”

That’s Austin Krause’s Facebook page. 

I don’t know, maybe I’m a little callous when it comes to the old way of enforcing the concept of team sports but I don’t know how this guy manages to walk around school without an entire hockey team showing their appreciation regarding his actions.  He degraded his city, his coaches, his team, cost them the game, and his Facebook post is all me, me, me.  Holy God is it sick.

It’s even worse when you read the article and so many parents are so into their kids playing time.  What in the hell has happened to the concept of team?  And when did a varsity sport become a breeding ground for mediocrity?  Correct me if I’m wrong but if a sophomore and a Senior have the exact same stats, you play the sophomore.  The Senior will get time, just not as much.  This is the competitive aspect of actual competitive sports.  All things being perfectly equal, you play the younger guy.  And since Austin really seems like a stand up guy, I’m not entirely sure all things were even equal.

I have a very simple rule regarding playing time.  I will never talk to parents about it.  Ever.  I’ll talk to them about what their son needs to do to get better.  But I will never discuss playing time.  At all.  By the way I got this policy from two very reputable sources and they have been dead right regarding the headaches it avoids.  Of course, it causes a couple as well.  Some parents will always tell me they understand, and then promptly describe to the world how absolutely unapproachable I am.  About playing time, I am unapproachable.

And some of those hockey parents need to find a hobby.  And one in particular needs to find a hobby around disciplining their son.    

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