Sunday, March 10, 2013

Molly is back strong in Ukiah

Ecstasy has made its cyclical return to Ukiah in the form of a “pure” brand called Molly.  Only this time it’s so much safer.  No, I mean it.  When I first asked my students about the information around Molly, those that supported the drug insisted that it was less dangerous because it was the pure form of ecstasy and therefore the only side effect was the slight withdrawal that one feels after coming down from the high. 

I would almost be laughable if it wasn’t a bit serious.  And this isn’t just a lax Ukiah drug thing.  There is a really good chance that Molly is hanging out in your community as I’m sensing that the drug culture that I thought was just local has spread more and more into other communities.  A relaxation of drug laws mixed with a major lack of parenting is really contributing to the next best thing to get you high.  The attitude around ecstasy is so casual that the sense of normalcy is astounding.  Almost as astounding as those parents who insist that their kids never partake in the chemically-induced euphoria.  Music festivals like Snowglobe, Burning Man, Coachella…yeah, everyone’s getting fairly lit there. 

And for those that are happy to dabble in the “pure” form of the drug I remind you that you are at the whim of whoever is selling it.  Of course it’s pure.  I mean, would a drug dealer ever lie to you? 

So be on the lookout for Molly.  She’s coming back with a vengeance.

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