Monday, February 11, 2013

Over again

Basketball season is finished.  Well not totally finished.  I’m still helping the varsity with a play-off run and I’ve got some paperwork to fill out.  However for the most part the really big driving and responsibility part of the job is finished, and I can breath in my classroom for awhile.

The hustle and bustle was still there this year; lots of floor diving, lots of energy, lots of enthusiasm for the game, only the record was not the same.  I personally don’t care too much for overall records because I’m the JV coach and the JV coach’s job is to prepare kids for the competition of varsity play.  Hell, nobody really cares about the Fresno Grizzlies if the San Francisco Giants are running over people.  So we went 12-14 and finished in the middle of the pack in our league.  We did it with a tougher schedule, the first fourteen games on road, and with out best player moved up to varsity in the middle of our league season.  We were blown out twice; once by an Oroville team that I think lost only once all season, and once by a Montgomery team that lost once in league.  We had that same team in the second game and gave it up in the end.  Everything else was close, which is good for everything except blood pressure and bottles of wine that might be drank when getting home from said events.

And now I get to work with varsity post players, open gym, and another season next year.  June is fast approaching.  

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