Saturday, February 23, 2013

Now THAT is good service

‘special needs kids should be kept in special places.’

And when Michael Garcia, waiter at Laurenzo’s in Houston, Texas, heard that remark from a family that was irritated at a nearby child with Down syndrome, he flatly refused to serve them.

I’m not going to wax eloquent about Mr. Garcia’s risk at losing his job (which he did not).  Instead I’m just going to say that more people really need to step up and do simple things like to make things in the country go the right direction.  Could you have refused to serve the family?  If you’re the guys boss, could you have kept him employed? 

This is what “social justice” is supposed to be about, not some raving egalitarians that insist the world is against them in a quest for ultimate domination.  It’s little injustices that people don’t just look away from.  It’s those injustices that we can eliminate without help from Congress or the President, or any other group that people blame because they are too gutless to take action themselves.

Well done, Michael!

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