Monday, January 14, 2013

The beginning of the semester like hmmmmmm

The beginning of the second semester has begun with good-byes.  As is very typical with Seniors really not satisfied with their grades, the requests and the acceptances for Independent Study have skyrocketed, although I’m not nearly as bothered as I used to be because the only thing I can impact is within the four walls of the classroom.  When an 18 year old wants their education to be pointless packet work that teaches them nothing, then that’s how it shall be (like I have a say or something).

But the kids within my room are starting to get a grasp of the Dismal Science (in Economics), Westward Expansion (APUSH), and the different forms of electoral systems around the world (AP Comp Gov).  I try and be as engaging as possible at this point and limit the information because the students are very annoyed to actually be back in the classroom at this time of year, and a good hook really helps. 

Basketball is good. Can’t really talk about it because it still inflames much more passion in parents than grades and education ever do.  That’s good (for basketball) and pathetic (for academia).

Believe it or not the first e-mail I received from the school was from my labor union.  Our union elves were at work during Christmas break and if they are correct we are one of the lowest paid school districts in the state, with a massive financial reserve, and over seven years without a raise.  I wasn’t really into the amount that our union was asking for until I looked at the comparative information from other districts, and I felt a tad bit screwed.  Not “hey let’s picket the universe” screwed but screwed enough to where when basketball season is over I might have some questions for those people that required us to furlough days while sitting on money. 

Overall the start of semester two is positive and let’s work to keep it that way.

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