Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Better to beg for forgiveness…

Dear people in charge,

I decided to take matters into my own hands in regards to technology integration within my classroom.  I installed a jukebox.  Haha, just kidding.  I mean, that wouldn’t really be prudent for my tastes because I just don’t see Standards and Practices allowing me to play Tonight by DJ Quick in the middle of class.  Actually, I did something that will have a much more positive impact to the overall academic progress of my classes. 

I installed a wireless router.

Now don’t worry, don’t worry.  I understand your concern about the cost burden of the device.  But it was one of my older ones that I bought at Staples for about $30 back in, oh, around 2004.  So I’m fine and don’t need reimbursement or anything of that nature.  I mean, it is old.  Ok, not as old as the thirteen year computers in our labs.   But who’s really counting?

No, no, no.  Don’t worry about the time spent getting the router set up.  I did in fifteen minutes because students could not get software to work on the school computers.  I had it stored away for a rainy day and decided that now was the time, so I did it.  The result was well worth it.  You should have seen what showed up in my classroom today.  Collaboration took place amongst laptops, netbooks, iPads, cell phones, and even someone’s iPod touch!

I’m sorry if I screwed up someone’s technology plan.  I mean, I was at the last District Technology Meeting (in October 2011) where someone stated that Ukiah High School wireless MIGHT be feasible two years down the road and only after a study be conducted about how that might take place.  Since we haven’t had many meetings since (well, zero) and I needed this technology to continue to grow as an educator, I jumped the gun.  Now, I’m a tech geek.  So don’t think I don’t know that some other tech geek is going to feel hurt that this tech geek ignored the Prime Directive of Information Technology which is ALWAYS GO THROUGH THE HEAD TECH GEEK FOR EVERYTHING.  He’ll understand if you relate me to Jean Luc Picard and just remind him that even the Captain of the Enterprise had to circumvent the Prime Directive on occasion to save the universe. 

So off we go into the Internet yonder!  Don’t worry, I have good classroom management so while on occasion someone will check their Facebook on their phone while using it to view the current demographics on Ukiah for an Economics project, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

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