Saturday, December 08, 2012

Suli induces edu-orgasm for reformer crowd…eye-rolling for everyone else.

In the mash of rambling-college-student-who-is-pissed-off-about-working-too-hard, there is a message.

I actually laughed at this video.  I mean, I wasn’t trying to be rude to Suli Breaks (the student in the video and proclaimed poet) but it just reminded me of those students that get pissed off because they are sick and tired of dealing with the “establishment.”  These teens are usually entitled and very bright; a combination that makes them believe that true education can’t be found within the confines of a classroom that is apparently intentionally cutting them off from true success.  For a very small number that may be true.  But I’ve seen plenty of Suli Breaks; angry that they are “forced” to go to college and then revolt against a system that can help them succeed.  When they then attempt to go the route of Steve Jobs, Oprah (who had a degree by-the-way), and His Airness Mr. Jordan (also has a degree) they realize that these educated men had something else going for them.  An insane work ethic.  They worked and practiced and slaved over details that most people overlooked or became bored with, and that’s a huge reason why they succeeded.  Most people don’t have that work ethic and right after the Suli’s of the world condemn the establishment, they then get angry at the establishment for not “preparing” them for a successful lifestyle; something that could have been attained if they focused more on school. 

Mr. Breaks does have a point that education is not only college, and that students need to seriously think about that investment in their future before they choose to attend higher learning institutions.  But statistics show that he’s dead wrong in just about every way regarding the overall lifetime success of a person that attends college versus someone who doesn’t.  And with the mistakes in his thesis, he might be the bright shining example of why you need to work hard to stay focused while attending college. 

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