Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Republican Senators shun Dole, look to Super Soldiers for protection


Every time I think I’ve seen the Republican party stoop to a new low, they manage to surprise me with a vote that reminds me that idiocy has no boundaries. 

Take the United Nations Convention on Disabilities, which would basically create a minimum advisory standard for governments to meet around the world in regards to people with disabilities; a standard which is easily met and far surpassed by the United States.  In fact, the standard was set by the United States and the treaty was a model of U.S. law.  In fact, the standard was negotiated by a U.S. President with the United Nations.  In fact, that president was a Republican.  In fact, it was George W. Bush.  And in fact, this treaty was purely advisory.  This treaty needed a 2/3 vote to be ratified and with the honorable Bob Dole sitting in a wheelchair on the floor of the Senate, the Republicans denied the vote on the basis of conspiracy theories ranging from U.N. troops coming to Omaha to steal children, to the Cigarette Smoking Man forcing abortions on teenage women who love puppies, to Martin Landau coming to your house to kill you because you don’t remember that he was in Mission Impossible.  As ridiculous as it sounds, it is not nearly as ridiculous as the fact that many Republican Senators hate people with disabilities, hate wounded veterans, and wouldn’t know “American Values” if they came wrapped in an American flag with card that said “hey, we could be  leaders you know.”

I would totally blame Congress too if it wasn’t for the idiocy that I continue to read from citizens that vote these guys in.  These are the guys that are waiting for the United Nations invasion of Lubbock, Texas (yes, there was real concern), that believe that secession is a truly American right (although it is not mentioned at all in the Constitution or supported by the courts), and that think that any semblance of Americans actually believe this shit.  If there is one action from Congress that should create a popular electoral up-rising from the idiot-right wingers, it’s this one.  

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