Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Fall!

I’ll admit that this is not my picture.  It’s from @UkiahCA101 on Twitter, who is someone running a nice little campaign that is really promoting the good things about the Ukiah Valley.  It’s pretty dang convincing except for the weed, the transients, and the idiotic bag ban that I’ll get to later.

But this picture does contain my favorite season.  Fall is in the air and in Ukiah, that has some distinctive qualities.  The mornings are much cooler.  The oaks and maples turn beautiful colors of orange and red, although those pale in comparison to the vineyards that turn vibrant reds and golds.  Practice turkeys are now being cooked on the stove and dinners sometimes consist of homemade mashed potatoes, turkey, and loads of gravy in a bowl.  Egg Nog has been drank, the slippers are out, and I’m regularly wearing a hoodie again.  Yes fall is here!

That means basketball season started about three weeks ago.  You know, about when I stopped posting to my blog, or when I stopped finding the time to grade papers, or when I stopped caring about the piles in my classroom.  Yep, basketball season has made my room look like Doc Brown’s laboratory and thankfully this week off will allow for a little catch-up.    

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