Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Giants win the pennant! Again!

There was something fundamentally glorious about watching Matt Holliday make the final out to Marco Scutaro in the pouring rain last night.  You probably don’t understand it unless you are a stark raving San Francisco Giants fan that was wishing a full on Hellraiser event on Holliday when you nearly destroyed Scutaro’s legs during a wipe-out slide earlier in the National League Championship Series.  That’s totally ok.  Not much is expected to be understood from this bizarre realization that the Giants are going to the World Series again. 

Realize that most of us had the Giants in big trouble back in May when the team was leaking gas at eight games behind, then in August when the Giants lost Melky Cabrera and the Dodgers gained the Boston Red Sox, then in the NLDS with the Reds up 2-0, and finally when the Cardinals had the Gigantes locked in their sites up 3-1 with Barry Zito on the mound.  Crazy, baseball related stuff happened and the Giants are going to the World Series.  It’s unreal.

My wife and I plunked down the cash and hit up Game Six of the NLCS where we watched Ryan Vogelsong completely own the Cards.  We also watched the Kingston Trio sing the Anthem, Lil’ Wayne sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, and James Hetfield of Metallica scream “ARE YOU READY TO KICK  SOME CARDINAL ASS?”  It was awesome in so many ways and totally worth the money. 

Yeah, and that’s a still picture I took with no sound, no feel, and no anticipation of an elimination game.  Being there was incredible and it was one of the better experiences that I have been a part of.

So onward to the World Series.  Oh, and another reason why Matt Cain is a bad ass…..Giants know they have the series won, nothing left to prove right?


Court is adjourned. 

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