Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disney buys Lucasfilm, and millions of voices suddenly cry out in terror

So the mammoth corporation that is Disney has bought the company that made Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and that blockbuster that is Willow; Lucasfilm. 


Like most of you, a little part of me died when I imagined Walt Disney’s Little Mermaid associated with a bad ass bounty hunter like Boba Fett.  Something that mixes the space fantasy that is Star Wars with a company that has a theme park with “It’s a Small World” must surely be something that has been conjured out of a nightmare from someone that believes in Intelligent Design.

But then you step back and realize that Disney has brought about some really nice films in its history.  Remember that Disney bought Pixar, and look how that impacted Pixar’s ability to produce feature films (it didn’t).  Remember that this company created The Avengers, and had a really good run with Pirates of the Caribbean.   And not that I’m advocating an animated Star Wars film but the scripts of many of the animated films are far better than the three Prequels of Star Wars could ever be.  Disney has the resources, the klout, and now they have access to one of the most valued movie names in history.  It very well could work out.

So let’s all step back and realize that we will never feel what we felt in the 70’s and 80’s.  It’s gone.  But can all hope that a good Star Wars comes in 2015 to satisfy years of missing that great series of flicks.

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