Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amazing, and not so

I hate Clayton Kershaw because he’s good, wears a Dodger uniform, and kills the Giants.

I hate Scott Hairston because he’s akin to Beatrix Kiddo offing the Giants one-by-one, game-by-game, which a sword of wood that has been possessed by souls of the Birmingham Black Barons.   

I hate Mat Latos because he’s an insufferable asshole who enjoys taking shots at the San Francisco Giants, including Dave Fleming’s car.  Because of my enduring hatred for the man, the elimination game of the 2012 NLDS was so, so beautiful.  Buster Posey was basically Jesus facing Satan on the mountaintop, only in this holy scripture the Good Guy kicked the Bad Guy in the teeth, said “Go fuck yourself”, and proceeded to trot around the bases right into the National League Championship Series.  Even if the Giants get swept in the next series, that hit and that game were soooooo worth it. 

It’s a good feeling that has come at the end of Homecoming Week at Ukiah High School.   I think Homecoming has been more subdued this year as compared to past years, although that hasn’t prevented tired students from lunch rallies, missing students who are working on floats, and rambunctious students who are just acting crazy in general.  It’s fine in the sense that it hasn’t greatly disturbed my class.  But I still see it as such a divisive waste of time and energy.  While the local newspaper is given quotes about bringing the school a sense of unity, I see pretty much none of that.  I don’t see any sense of purpose, inclusiveness, or any real constructive outcome except to win a bell by proving to other students that you have money, and that your Mom and Dad will spend hours working with the other twelve students that are working on a float.  Well it’s almost over.

And we’ll always have this game.      

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