Thursday, September 13, 2012

Batman’s Bane Movie

Yeah, yeah.  A fire will rise.  Whatever.  This really was not the Batman finale I was looking for.

If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet then you are probably a loser anyway, so spoilers.  Ok, maybe I’m just a little irritated that Christopher Nolan’s send-off Batman is just a bit weak.  Maybe I’m irritated that the characters (with the exception of Catwoman) started acting in ways that totally contradict the comic book.  I mean, Alfred walks out on Master Wayne?  Then again, maybe I’m just irritated that the movie was sort of boring.  I wonder what could have made this film a little better…..


The story of Dark Night Rises has to do with a big guy named Bane who successfully takes over Gotham by blowing up stuff, breaking the Batman, and then waiting months down the road to blow the whole city up using a nuclear weapon.  Batman comes back from healing, slaps down Bane, and blows up the nuke over the water while secretly disappearing from his job as caped crusader with the uber-hot Selina Kyle.

The problem with the movie is that it takes liberty with storylines that become unrealistic and a villain that is waxes eloquent about all kinds of things until the end of the movie, where his spine goes squid-like and he just about sobs like a little baby.  And while the breaking of the Bat is actually somewhat similar to the Knightfall storyline from the comic books, the healing process is something out of Star Trek V script that is only missing some God-like entity to whisk Bruce Wayne out of his pit prison.

 File:Bane breaks Batman.png

The lead-up to the breaking in Knightfall was so much better; as villains all take their shot at Batman over the course of a series until Bane waits for an exhausted Dark Knight and then breaks his vertebrae.  The story of the healing was also done well, delving into various storylines that resulted in power struggles and bizarre encounters until Bane and the original Batman met again for another round.  It was a well thought out, well scripted epic.  This was a two hour movie that was less of a send off for Batman and more about putting scenes around this. 


Any doubts that Anne Hathaway could pull off Catwoman were killed in the movie.  No, she wasn’t quite Heath Ledger’s “Joker”.  But I’m not kidding when I say that she kicked Michelle Pfeiffer out of the water easily and was much more true the nature of the comic book than almost any other character out of the Batman genre of movies.  It also helped that she was really damn hot.

You should go to this movie if you are a fan of the Batman movies (it gives a bit of lame closure) or if you are a fan of Christopher Nolan movies.  Be warned, this is probably Nolan’s weakest movie.  It’s not bad but I’d say it is safe to call it weak. 

Then again…

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