Sunday, August 19, 2012

The day before


It’s unfortunate to see this sight in Northern California in the summertime.  But it’s also normal, something that comes with the territory of living in this part of the world.  That’s a wildfire that is burning just east of Covelo, about 90 minutes northeast of my house in Ukiah.  In that picture I’m actually standing at Willits High School, 30 minutes closer to the fire and current employer of my wife.

And that was what my day-before-students day was like, hanging out with my wife whose school is going through the joys of “modernization.”  Today was the first day her portable was ready and that meant we spent hours moving furniture and boxes from across campus into her room, unpacked it, and had her ready to teach tomorrow.  Yes, it took a long time.  Yes, I kind of anticipated this was going to happen after the joys of my own experience with “modernization” a few years back.  So I was at the beck and call for today and by about 6 in the evening we went home with my wife confident that tomorrow was going to rock. 

And tomorrow will rock because it is year 12 of the teaching gig and I’m ready and raring to go.

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