Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer camp sans iPhone

There is a point to which you say “this shit should not really even have to be debatable.”

 Take the recent story about whether or not summer camps should have a rule prohibiting cellphone use by campers, and the more disturbing revelation that parents were the primary rule breakers.  It’s summer camp.  I remember having the Walkman headphones on for about an hour on the bus during the 7 hour trip to Mammoth Lakes.  After the hour you were engaging with other kids and the camp staff was making sure you weren’t feeling left out. 

And when you got to camp you set up the tent and actually had play time with other kids.  Explore the area, play baseball using the bus as a backstop, massive games of Capture-The-Flag, bragging about how you will eventually end up getting down with some member of the opposite sex by the end of the week; oh how summer camp was so good. 

The phones need to stay at home and parents that send their kids to summer camp need to do so without constantly connecting with them.  If you think that a “no cell phone” policy is totally archaic, try telling your kid that they can’t go to summer camp because they don’t allow electronic devices.  That’s archaic. 

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