Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ronald McDonald goes on bender, wakes up on high school roof

My school week ended when I did my usual 6th period walk through the Admin building and was motioned over by a staff member to watch a totally bizarre sight.

Ronald McDonald was on a hand truck being rolled out to a pick-up in the parking lot.  It wasn’t the clown himself but the statue of McD from a local establishment that is being demolished for a brand new structure.  The staff member and I smiled in amusement of the scene in front of our eyes, and I was told that the prank was (obviously) that Ronald was left on a container roof near the back of the school.  The mystery is how the beast made it up top; it’s not like the statue was particularly light.  However it seems like the maneuver was done in good fun and the attitude was that it was a no-harm-no-foul situation.  No property was damaged in the stunt and Ronald McDonald went back to preparing to oversee the McCafe.  People got a good laugh and it was truly a harmless high school prank.

My regular week ended on Friday night when I played slow pitch softball for the first time in fifteen years.  Two things came to my mind while I was out in left field during the night game;

-Wow, I’m not 19 years old any more and don’t run very fast.

-Oh shit, that ball just sailed ten feet over my head.

I went 1-2, scored a run, and committed four errors while in left field.  All of them involved simply misjudging fly balls that looked like cans-of-corn off the bat, and ended with me looking like Alfonso Soriano on quaaludes in the outfield.  I might want to start back a bit next weekend.

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