Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Official return

I’ve been doing prep in my classroom for about a week now.  I like the feeling of being able to use this, the week before kiddos, to toy with curriculum and brainstorm new ideas.  It’s usually a good day.

Today I chatted with colleagues for awhile, filled out some beginning-of-the-year paperwork, and then went about looking for a better activity to start out Government this year.  I have Econ down, APUSH is going to be intense out of the gate, but it’s Government that consists of the majority of my students.  I want to make it sparkle. 

Today was actually the Buy-Back Day, where teachers have the option to attend professional development now, or by the end of the year, or get docked a day’s pay.  I don’t participate in district lead PD because it makes my hair hurt.  I’m really big into using my time in an efficient manner so I attend plenty of professional development throughout the year.  By the end of this weekend I’ll have more than doubled by required hours for Buy-Back when my “Meet the Experts” at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, and my EdCampSFBayArea are through. 

That is not to say the return is not fraught with difficulties.  But the difficulties are beyond my control and what I need to focus on is that my classroom is ready and welcoming on Day One.   

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