Monday, August 06, 2012

Bryce is a lie

Bryce Canyon simply does not, can not, exist. 

Nothing with that kind of magical beauty has any business existing on the same plane as Kim Kardashian and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  And nothing can prepare you to witness geologic formations that are so phenomenal that they look like Industrial Light and Magic whipped them up specifically for your viewing pleasure.  The Grand Canyon is magnificent.  Yosemite is a wonder to behold.  Bryce Canyon is a journey into something that just can’t be something created by nature.  It is a thing that can’t be described.  You must go.  Yes, you must go. 

On the way home I began to think about how much people don’t realize how important taxes really are.  I know, what the hell is wrong with me.  But I’ve seen so much protected space this trip and the oft argument is that if society saw the value in said space, then society would work to protect it privately.  The thing is that you can’t put a price on something like Bryce Canyon.  Get rid of the idea that it brings in revenue from tourism (there were loads of European tourists there), because that is a given.  We are talking about something that is unique to the world and an iconic image of the United States.  We aren’t tearing it down for mining, blowing it up because it represents something we don’t believe, or running it over because we are out of control with its essence.  No.  Warren Harding started protecting the land because it represents something very good about America.  We cherish that uniqueness and that beauty; that something that almost seems too good to exist on this planet.  Yep, government can make some pretty poor choices.  But protecting national parks shows that it still works pretty well.

Bryce was the pinnacle of the trip.  Can you tell?

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