Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beginning of good things

The sun is shining on Mr. Silva-Brown’s classroom.

Good knowledge is flowing, the problems are minimal, and there seems to be good connections with a whole lot of students this year.  I think part of that has to do with the smaller sizes of all my classes.  This year I have less total students than almost any time in my career, and that give me the ability to manage the class is a much better fashion.  The atmosphere isn’t crowded and my vision isn’t scattered.  I’m able to really get in and mingle with more students doing more things.  It’s the way it should be, and those idiots that constantly say that teaching with 40 students and teaching with 25 students produces no difference are idiots.

I could attribute the nice environment of 2012-2013 to a multitude of other variables except that those variables are not a whole lot different than last year, except I’m a year more experienced and the students are, for the most part, different.  I’ve actually been going through old blog posts from last year and found that I was this positive last year too and ended up kind of cranky by the end of the year.  Couple of things I want to look for in terms of distraction or energy suck:

-Does basketball take away from my teaching?

-Do complaints from parents when grades come out distract me from teaching?

-Will the greater sense of optimism from the district trickle down to my classroom?

-If the Giants can sweep the Dodgers tomorrow, will Juan Uribe demand a trade to the San Jose Giants because he realizes that members of their pitching staff are better than Joe Blanton?

In the meantime I’ll ride the wave of good teaching and insist that the distractions evade my presence.    

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