Sunday, July 08, 2012

20 Year Reunion. Nah.

I didn’t go to my Twenty Year High School Reunion this weekend.  Instead I took my basketball players to a tournament in Santa Rosa on Saturday, and then helped out the varsity with games in Windsor on Sunday.  It was a simple case of going forward and looking back, and I chose the first case.

I really think I didn’t miss much.  Those people I knew in high school that I wanted to stay in contact with, I stay in contact with.  That number isn’t much, and I find it quite entertaining when people I had little to do with in high school “friend” me on Facebook.  They open up a window into their lives that is sometimes depressing, often amusing, and makes me nod when I realize that little has really changed with some people since high school.  Nah, I don’t need to back into a time of my life that was blah enough.

That’s not to say I didn’t get a lot out of my high school years.  I had a fantastic group of friends, some excellent teachers and coaches, and I developed a love for basketball that has hopefully rubbed off on others.  I just wasn’t any kind of Mr. Social in high school and I definitely was not one of those “high school is supposed to be the best time of our life” kind of person.  To me that’s scary.  I cringe when I hear students say that I’m too hard on kids during the best time of their lives.  Here’s an announcement for those that think that 14-18 years old was the best time of your life; your life sucks.  Seriously, it is time for some investigation about how you became involved in a Molly Ringwald dream thus totally ignoring reality.  Nope, high school was just a step on a journey that hasn’t stopped yet.

And that journey involved basketball this weekend, again.


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