Thursday, June 07, 2012

Senior prank, and the even more pathetic result.


What the hell!

No, no, no.  I mean NO. 

This is a total affront to teenagers everywhere.  I mean, I was once a teenager and I can’t believe that members of that once proud, rebellious specie has stooped to this level.  Seriously.

Those are teenagers who engaged in a Senior Prank at Heritage High School in Brentwood, California, a very affluent suburb of San Francisco.  They are protesting the fact that they were suspended five days for, among other things, vandalizing the school, destroying school property, and leaving a goat chained up in the middle of campus over night.  They were suspended, and many will not be able to walk for graduation due to the fact that they engaged in the prank.  This is the result.  Yes, holding signs in front of the school in protest saying “We’re still learning” is the reaction from the students.  Holy God.  Not only are the students and parents stupid enough to engage in an activity that the school clearly defined as “zero tolerance”, they are now acting like spoiled little brats by trying to pray on public sympathy to support their idiotic cause. 

Welcome to the “call me maybe” generation.  Yeah, nothing that a good “I’m sorry” won’t fix, even when it comes to vandalism.  Senior pranks I get.  Even over-the-top Senior pranks I get.  But to actually beg for public support when your entitled ass got nailed?  Wow.  The wussification of America is in full effect. 

You want to see a serious problem with education, look at this.  Not the prank, the attitude.  This is what teachers are dealing with every day.  This is why students need to be begged to take tests, bargained with for grades, and constantly pandered to in regards to their own education.  In the end the safety net for their actions is so wide that they have no fear of failing.  Don’t worry about the prank because Mom and Dad will sue the school’s ass off if they don’t let them walk during graduation, which they in fact did.  Thankfully the judge supported the school in the lawsuit. 

"In the end, this is our children's lives," said Pam Shasto, who has two seniors whose scholarships and college admissions are now in jeopardy. "This is their future -- over some Crayola paint."

Exactly, and your kids decided that their future was worth the Crayola paint, the vandalism, the concrete bench, and a goat.  Maybe you’ll realize that you kids are actually accountable for their actions.  You should be thankful Ms. Shasto.  Maybe the lesson means your kids won’t be living with you when they are thirty. 

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