Monday, June 11, 2012

Done with the year and off to KC

Las Vegas McCarran Airport is suffering from stupidity. 

I’m sitting at Gate C21 right now glaring at at every possible person in frustration that there isn’t one damn location around me to plug in my portable devices.  No charge for laptop.  No charge for iPhone (which as horrid battery use as of iOS 5.1.1).  No damn clue.  Where is the realization that airport travellers are juice hungry?  Where is the realization that the world, especially at an airport, is a tad bit connected via the Interwebz, and that the Interwebz require a TWO PRONG FREAKING OUTLET!  Nope, looks like I’ll charge my phone on my computer while I blog and hope my battery makes it from Vegas to Kansas City.

I need to leave Ukiah.  When your bosses confirms that this was a hard year, then this was a hard year.  Death, trauma, fear of the unknown, a lack of vision, change… all seems to have a taken a serious toll on the staff.  Lots of people just wanted to get out of Dodge, if just for a little while to confirm that, yes, life existed outside of the cloud that was 2011-2012.  Part of my anxiety came from the retirement of someone that was kinda one of my mentors when I first came to the school.  She was a hard ass, had high-expectations, and had no problem looking me up and down while saying “Do it better.  Now.”  She’s now departing for the next stage of her life, and our department lost a bit of it’s place in the school.  I feel like I’m part of the problem because I’ve been perfectly content with teaching in my little classroom, being totally focused on students, while pretty much ignoring what we as a department were going to be known for.  If that makes sense at all. 

Flight’s boarding.  Gotta go.

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