Wednesday, June 27, 2012

California spending on students is worse than Wyoming, meaning it sucks.

You gotta love people that speak against spending on pubic education.  I get the whole spending “inefficiency's” that need to be fixed; firing of bad teachers, better decision making, school regulatory reform.  But when people argue against spending on education in the eighth largest economy on the planet, they come off sounding like Ishmael in Kingpin; a complete idiot who lives in ignorance because he’s secluded himself from society.  People that don’t like spending on public education are those idiots; burying their heads in the sand mumbling about how they would much rather be getting tax breaks from the government than helping a build a ramp so a student in a wheelchair can reach a classroom. 

And before those people complain that we spend too much on kids, this statistic:

California ranks 35th in per-pupil spending, more than $1,200 per year under the national average.

Furthermore, the Census Bureau report said, California ranks even lower - 42nd - in school spending vis-à-vis personal income.

That’s an embarrassing number.  One of the primary economic drivers of the world spends about the same amount on education as Thailand.  California should be golden.  California should be the model for what an educational system should be like; in per-pupil-spending, in teaching professionalism, and in creating masterful institutions.  Instead California looks like a state full of Greeks, pissed off that choices have to be made and irritated that everyone but ourselves are making poor ones.  

Also note that the only two categories where spending went up in California was support staff and school administration.  For those that are wondering, the school administration piece is not school site related in many instances.  Schools are cutting to the bone and it seems like district offices are hiring more and more people.  Or maybe that’s only in my district, where counselors are dealing with 500 to 1 student ratios while the district office continues to hire “consultants”.  I’m not totally sure what constitutes “support staff”.  However if it is classified staff that deals with Special Education and campus security I have no problem spending more money on that.  By the way, neither do you.  Unless you like crime ridden institutions and kids with special needs being totally left behind.   

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