Sunday, May 13, 2012

There be safe dragons

Yeah, that could be one of the best trailers for a movie in a long, long time.  Slick cut editing and a great rendition of Immigrant Song; call me hooked.

If you haven’t read Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, spoilers. 

Lisbeth Slander is a bad ass.  I started reading about her by the pool at a Kansas City hotel during AP grading week, with strict instructions from my wife that I give the book at least sixty pages before I throw in the towel.  Well, the second that Slander graced the pages, I was under her gothish, anti-hero spell.  I’m into anti-hero’s; the Man with No Name, Severus Snape, the entire Corleone Family, and Lisbeth Slander has been written as a serious heroine that you sort of detest, can’t ignore, and then root for like mad by the end of the book.  I watched the movie recently and can safely say this about the Americanized version of Dragon Tattoo; it’s the second best Slander.  That’s not to say that Rooney Mara isn’t good as one of the leads, because she does a very nice job.  But Noomi Rapace is more raw and emotionally tattered in the Danish version of the film.  The Americanized version is just a little too safe in terms of Slander’s emotions.

However it is a good movie, much better than the drastically overhyped Hunger Games.  It does a nice job following the general idea of the book and I think Daniel Craig does a very good job as Mikael Fucking Blomkvist.  I think the others are also done well, although I would have rather had an ending that was closer to the book than one that seemed like it just wanted to wrap up the storyline nice and quick.  And I’m still trying to figure out why someone would decide to use a totally bizarre, James Bond style opening to the film. 

Go see it with the understanding that like the book, it isn’t a light film.  But it is a good one and worth the cash.    

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