Sunday, April 01, 2012

Still wonder why teachers have union protection?

I’m pretty liberal about who I friend on Facebook.  I have relatives, former students, current students, high school friends, teachers, and even the principal as followers on the world famous social media device.  That means that I take no questionable risk when posting on Facebook; nothing could be used against me in regards to my current and future employment.

Not that my Facebook is anyone’s business.

Kimberly Hester, a teacher’s aide in Michigan, was fired because she refused to grant the principal at her school her Facebook password. 

“…we will assume the worst and act accordingly.”

Wow.  Interesting method of dealing with employees.  Trample on their dignity by assuming the worst about them and then fire them without cause.  Remind me not to work for that kind of school district.

Barring something illegal it truly is none of the employer’s business what happens during off work hours.  Yes, that includes teachers.  For some reason it has become acceptable for administrations to cow-tow to social pressures that their teachers be beyond moral perfection; no drinking, pornography, swearing, excessive skin, excessive weight, loud music, incorrect political views…..who knows where it all ends.

It ends with the law, and responsible Internet etiquette from professional educators.  Here’s a tip; make sure that you don’t take pictures of your drugged out, half-naked experience at Burning Man and post them on Facebook.  Not only will you be laughed at for spending hundreds of dollars to get dirty on the Playa, you might just get fired.  

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