Friday, March 23, 2012

Off to #edcampss!

It’s an hour into my flight to Philadelphia and I’ve come to realize that I’m the only moron on a 17” laptop.  I mean, Jesus, is everyone now buying a tablet to watch their chick flicks and reruns of the The Office?  Am I the only dope that thinks that iPads are really expensive toys that are still more limited than my laptop?  I can do everything that damn thing can do, except I do it bigger.  Only on a plane, that’s not good.  Maybe that’s why the guy in front of me sees to be rocking back every so often like some petulant child. 
So I’m off to meet other Social Studies tech geeks to figure out how to integrate technology into the classroom, only we are actually teachers so the conversation will actually focus on pedagogy, not so much “OMG!  ONE IPAD PER CLASS WILL SOLVE THE ILLS OF THE WORLD!”  Ok, some tech people will be there.  But they seem much more inquisitive and collaborative than lording over the fact that they can QR code their entire office for anyone to play with. 
My weekend will be packed.  I’ll land in Philly around six, try to check in to my hotel, and then it’s off to the National Constitution Center.  I’ll probably run into some fellow colleagues and from there the city is ours until a Tweet-up with other Tweeps in the evening.  Then it’s the actual EdCamp on Saturday.  Another Tweet-up in the evening and they off to Washington D.C. on Sunday to study the Newseum and if time, the National Archives.  Late train back to Philly where I’ll have about three hours sleep before my flight back to San Francisco, and then my three hour drive home.   
By the way, this is what professional development should be.  Seriously. 
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