Saturday, March 03, 2012

It’s a sick week

I got my first really nasty cold of the year this week, and while I did troop it out I’m not paying for it because other than instruction, nothing has gotten done. 

Not that I’m totally positive that it would make a difference at this point.  I’ve got so much make-up work to grade that it is overwhelming me.  For the last three weeks I’ve had students, multiple students, in my classroom every lunch period making up assignments from absences that are cleared.  That work now stands in a pile with the rest of the work I’m grading that is starting to stack up.  It’s annoying.  It’s a tidal wave that seems to have no top and the only thing to do is dive right in, which I’ve slowly been doing during my prep.  I’m trying to make a much bigger effort not to grade at home and that’s for my own energy and home life.  So the pile may or may not go down sometime in the near future.  Or I might just take the entire thing out back and begin a nice weed guard project in my raised beds. 

By the way for me to stay home due to illness has to pretty much mean that I can’t function.  Since the end of last week I had the sore throat and on Monday it turned into the deep chest cold.  On Tuesday it was really bad and I’m fairly sure I got a little fever going during the day.  I even bailed on my prep and went home to bed to try to rest it out.  I think I did ok because yesterday the chest stuff was still there but my energy was up and I actually had an appetite for the first time in a couple of days.  I was happy I worked through it because lord knows I don’t need the extra work of prepping for a sub on top of everything else.

Otherwise it’s a good week.  The negatives of last week are gone for the most part and although the flow was interrupted by my illness, today’s lesson on cost/benefit analysis of closing Market Street in San Francisco to automobiles actually went pretty well.  Even used some Google Maps action to show them the section of town, the businesses, the traffic, and Street View to show them what everything looked like. 

Oh, and coming from a Republican, Rush Limbaugh should shut his fucking mouth.  I’m against President Obama’s gross overreach in requiring religious organizations to offer birth control, but I think the actions of the House Republicans and Rush’s comments regarding Sandra Fluke are disgraceful.  The whole issue (constitutionality) has now become a lame political exercise about who can act more repugnant, and that idiot Limbaugh has clearly won. 

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