Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey week, go the hell away

Today I got my first request for a parent conference. 


I mean seriously, this week has been the hardest of the year and it really wasn’t even close.  It wasn’t like there was a major event or anything.  It was simply a series of small events that seemed to never let up.  And every day I was just happy to be going home to sleep.  I don’t like those kind of weeks.  But they happen from time to time.  I’ll partly blame myself because I think I relaxed a little now that basketball is done.  Actually, I think I just let up a little in the management portion of my classroom.  Or maybe I didn’t. 

This is about the time (seems a bit early this year) when Seniors try to assert themselves in my classroom.  University acceptance letters come in while student bodies end up missing more and more class time for a variety of things.  For them accountability sucks.  It’s about this time that I’m going to be called “power hungry” and “inflexible” because I don’t deviate from my classroom rules.  Now that grades are coming out lower than students want, the kids are faced with an economic choice that they don’t like and deal with it like usual.  The results are often, well, like those of an angry teenager.

Mix with that the constant distractions that seem to pop up that take away from school; college visits, vacations, blood drives, beauty pageants, talent shows, sports, clubs, blah, blah, blah, and you academics plunked on the low end of the list and make-up work piling up like crazy.  My grades are lower than usual because so many “missing” grades are in the grade book.  Make-up work gets my attention after current work and prep get done, which could mean it gets attention a couple of weeks down the line.  This freaks out many and leads to more friction and parent conferences and…..*sigh*.

Take it all in stride, right?  Yep.  My stern looks at students wanting unending compromises won’t win me any Teacher of the Year awards but they send the warning that school isn’t done yet and cashing in their education with months to go probably isn’t a wise choice.  Consistency in the face of adversity. 

And thank God for a new week. 

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