Sunday, December 11, 2011

A tad bit greedy

Know what I’ve noticed about colleges over the last few years?  They have a nasty habit of accepting students who are clearly not ready to attend their campus.  As acceptance letters role in I’m noticing that students with “decent” grades are being selected by by private colleges and major out-of-state institutions.  Sure, maybe entire body of work is worthy of consideration (sports, community service, making really spiffy Homecoming floats) but when colleges bitch that students are not prepared for college-level work and then saddle them with tens-of-thousands of dollars in debt, part of the problem must be the process at which students are selected.

I’m also noticing that Advanced Placement courses may not be holding as much weight in the selection process as I’m watching students that decided to forgo AP classes their Senior year get into the same colleges as those that decided to push themselves.  Granted, the AP students will be better prepared for college level work, but it sends the message that doing the extra leg work doesn’t necessarily equate to earning a spot in a great institution.  Hell, a student that got a D in a college prep Economics class and still got enrolled in a good out-of-state-institution.  Kind of hard to send the “not ready” message to colleges if all they seem to care about is the tuition. 

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