Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Avoiding the Terrible Teacher

I hit more “Read Later” buttons for Instapaper on Cool Cat Teacher’s blog than any other.  Take away the fact that she works towards integrating technology and what you have is a woman who could probably be considered one of the more competent Master Teachers to anyone that cares to listen.  Ms. Vicki Davis (Cool Cat’s real name) has the gift of taking something intricate and complex (like teaching), and simplifying it down to its basic thought.  In the whole edublogsphere her words could be considered downright profound because teachers often miss the more basic ideas of running a classroom.

It was Cool’s post on the Terrible Teacher that got me today.  In it she describes the ten things that a teacher does that could classify them as “terrible”, ranging from monotonous instruction to teachers who take cell phone calls in class.  They ten things are simple in theory but I find that I observe them time and again in my own setting, and it is a clear sign that teachers are still a big part of the problem.  In the past couple of weeks I’ve seen a teacher instruct from behind a desk, a teacher take cell phone calls during class, and I was told by a student that multiple teachers regularly say that they hate their job.  All of that enrages me because it not only hurts the kids of those teachers, it kills the image of the profession. 

Check and see if you do any of Vicki’s Terrible Teacher Ten.  If you find yourself straying into any of the categories, change it.  Yes, it really is that simple.    

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