Saturday, November 26, 2011

When animals attack

Woke up Thanksgiving morning to my house egged and a dead fish on my doorstep.  No, I’m not trying to create an allusion to something.  I actually had eggs and fish on my house. 

It was the first time in five years that I’ve had problems with students and eggs.  The eggs weren’t that big of a deal.  In a small town, if you piss the wrong person off and everyone knows where you live, it’s a potential problem.  The main issue was the dead fish.  It sorta freaked my wife’s family out.  Even enough to where we called the police and filed a formal report. 

My guess is that it was former students back from college that partook in the activities, and my guess is that they were drunk.  We have some evidence collected and I rattled off names of potential suspects, but not expecting much to come out of it.  The police officer was a former student at the school and actually expressed shock that my house got nailed.  It happens but the officer said that my reputation didn’t seem like one that got the attention of those that throw eggs.  Of course, one student that feels wronged can change that.

Does it really bother me?  Not in the slightest.  A small power washing and a couple of games of football to ease the mind and it impacted nobody’s holiday.  And I’m pretty damn secure in my teaching to start to let doubt seep in this far into my career.  Oh, and the fact that for every negative thing that happens, I get a many more of these:

Good CommentsA current student tagged me in a Facebook post about my AP U.S. History class, and then a former student responded about the value of the Free Response Question essays we did in class.  I smiled big to say the least.

That, and I had free fish fillets for Thanksgiving  that went excellent with a light Pinot Noir!   

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