Sunday, November 27, 2011

#Occupy Davis pepper spray incident only half the story

I am intrigued by a post on Darren’s blog about the events that occurred at U.C. Davis before the now infamous pepper spray incident.  In a clip from the Rush Limbaugh-of-the-Left’s Democracy Now, a Davis student admitted to surrounding the police officers and insisting that they were not going to be able to leave unless they went through the students. 


Last night I ran into a collection of my former students that now attend U.C. Davis and I asked them if they had any reaction to the pepper spray incident.  I figured that they might be wrapped up in the whole revolutionary ferver of the event and would provide some insight in the thought process of the students.  Boy was I wrong.  The students had attended the rallies to see what they were about and were very not very sympathetic to the pepper sprayed students.  My former kids stated that around 800 students surrounded the police officers and told them that they were not going to leave the protest unless they went through the students.  My former students also said that the police had warned the kids for a real long time and had the pepper spray out for over twenty minutes before the small clip that has gone viral occurred. 

I’m not going to justify the police reaction at Davis, but many in the media are comparing the incident to the fire hoses used on civil rights protesters in the 1960’s.  The analogy is grossly false and the Occupy protestors are again seeming more like spoiled brats than the next generation of civil revolutionaries.        

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