Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dear Week: Go Away……love, Me

Two weeks ago I took a slurp of coffee after a three hour sleep night and got hit by the feeling of my heart doing a backflip.  The arrhythmia caused me to be lightheaded for a short amount of time (in the middle of class mind you) and scared the living shit out of me.  Those that read this blog know that I had heart issues three years ago that were looked at extensively and ruled fine.  I’m not nearly as freaked out as I was back then.  But still, it ain’t fun. 

This had a negative affect on my teaching last week.  I played it calm and safe, spending much of my time worried and monitoring my body early on, then crashing because I was so worried later in the week.  By Friday I felt better but exhausted.  This created an environment that was lower energy and a lot lecture, only I was so stressed about my health that on Tuesday I was making mistakes left and right.   My APUSH lecture was full of missed dates and semi-accurate information.  How did I know?  Well, when you have a well read AP class, they will tell you that you are off.

One good thing that occurs when you have a rough week is when you realize that you can’t possible teach like that for any reasonable length of time.  I’ve already had my nose in my lesson plans finding tweaks to make the week work better.  Engagement will be up next week.  Count on it.

It wasn’t just me this week either.  Teachers had the flu, pneumonia, deaths in the family, and a variety of those things in life we just can’t really prepare for.   One of the messages in our faculty meeting was to care for each other.  This week was a rough one and needs to just be done. 

One very bright spot occurred on Friday afternoon.  I did my usual Friday night announcing of the JV football game last week.  But instead of working in the classroom, I grabbed an article on Basketball Practice outlines and headed out to the football bleachers.  It was beautiful weather and the bleachers were nearly empty with an hour before kickoff.  Then my boss showed up.  What occurred over the next 40 minutes was thought provoking and exciting.  Questions, ideas, and concerns were exchanged in a manner that reminded me that really good conversations usually don’t take place in crowds of people.  Sometimes good ideas just come about in the bleachers.

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