Sunday, September 18, 2011

Whooping Cough, another way to lose money

For a year the state of California has been warning parents to immunize their children against Whooping Cough or they would be held out of school.  Well that day is now upon us.  Those students not immunized by this Wednesday will be told to stay home, and those that come to school will be pulled out of class and sent home. 

Besides the obvious problem with kids missing their studies, consider that schools are looking at losing out on state funding because districts get their money based on Average Daily Attendance, the number of days a student attends their classes.  As of right now, Ukiah Unified is looking at losing $45,000 A DAY if all the current students that don’t have the vaccination are told to stay home. 


Once again the schools are going to get punished for something parents need to be responsible for.  And in a time when money is at an absolute premium, Ukiah High School could lose a year’s worth of their site budget in a total of two days.  Something doesn’t seem to ring correct with that statement, but I’m assuming that when the law was passed, the politicians failed to see that not everyone in the state was going to follow their mandate.  Now the schools are looking at taking another financial hit. 


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