Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week Sauce

This week ended with a Ukiah versus Willits football game.  That wouldn’t be that big of a deal if it wasn’t for the fact that Ms. Coach Brown is a Willits teacher and roamed the sidelines for the Wolverines, while Coach Brown roamed the sidelines of the mighty Ukiah Wildcats.  We were victorious (of course) and thankfully my wife and I are not the type to rub it in.    Still, it’s fun to watch the kid’s reactions when they see us rooting against each other’s school.

Homecoming is upon us again, although this year I have yet to see the demanding focus on the activities that I’ve seen in years past.  Only one or two students are coming in with energy drinks and red eyes from their post-midnight float fixings.  But the signs are there that Homecoming Week will be as “spirited” as ever, and I’ll be in the thick of it trying to sell my loyalty to the highest bidder.  Hey, a brotha’s got to eat.

And hopefully a brotha doesn’t get sick.  The first round of absences from cough n’ cold is now in full effect and I’m starting to wake up with the scratchy throat that is the sign of my immune system getting attacked.  Part of it is that I’m only pulling five to six hours of sleep at night because my brain won’t shut down.  If I can get back into a normal sleep pattern I should be fine. 

Speaking of sick, here is a sure way to annoy a teacher.  Pull a kid out for a week due to injury or illness.  At the end of that week, call the school and demand six weeks worth of work because the student is apparently too sick or injured to attend to his education.  Oh, and it needs to be done by tomorrow.  Then get mad at the teacher when the work isn’t what mom or dad was expecting.  Then top it off by having that poor sick or injured kid (who can’t attend school) go to the football game to frolic with friends.  Sympathy level from teacher equals zero.

The San Francisco Giants are done.  Time to keep an eye on Arizona Fall Ball and wait for Pitchers and Catchers.

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