Saturday, September 17, 2011

Almost Progress Report time

It’s nuts how quick time passes.  Progress reports are here and the end of our first month in the classroom has passed.  Pretty soon the dreaded Homecoming will take shape, then basketball season will be here.  Holy cow I’m getting old. 

This is probably the best start I’ve had in a couple of years, not that I’m looking to jinx anything.  For some reason this year has the feeling of a fresher start.  Looking around the district, that’s not necessarily true in all capacities.  This week included a couple of meetings with groups and people that gave a “state of the district” report and it is seeming more and more like we are all teaching while Rome burns down in flames.  Part of the discontent is towards the district, part is towards the Union (which raised my fees again), and a whole lot of it is towards the state.  I’ve realized that my mood is significantly better when I don’t think to the crap that is outside of the classroom and remain focused on kids.  That’s why I quit being a rep for the union.  In fact, that’s why quite a few younger high school teachers quit the union.  I think we had a choice; put our energy towards our profession and kids, or put it towards liars and politicians.  Easy choice. 

Classroom management has been no problem.  Couple of hyperactive kids that occasionally need the “calm down” glare, and the few cell phones is all I’ve been dealing with.  My attendance is ok but not great.  My “I won’t hassle you until I see a consistent pattern” tardy policy seems to be working ok except for six students.  Those students were warned that the next tardy gets an attendance contract.  We’ll see how that breaks the vibe of the class because Seniors hate to be treated like little children.  But my relationship with the kids is actually quite good.

Class attitudes are starting to develop.  One class is so mellow that it borders on freaky quiet.  Two classes are completely engaged.  One class seems like they are disinterested then nails out really good work.  And my APUSH class has a group of students that are focused, pleasant, and full of outstanding potential; not only as students but also has people. 

Fall is just around the corner and we’ll see what happens when Homecoming kicks in.  Yay.

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