Thursday, August 18, 2011

“Actually, I’m only ‘this’ stupid”


I’m lucky.  I haven’t had a raise in over five years.  Yes, that’s lucky….because compared to the millions that have lost their jobs during the Great Recession, having a steady income is pretty damn fortunate. 

And it is beyond reason that University of California President Mark Yudof would even hint at a raise.  This is especially true with all the scrutiny of public institutions misusing funds.  Sure, we would all like to attract and retain the top talent, but let’s take out the fact that we are currently in the biggest economic crisis since the 1930’s and what we find is that enrollment in the UC’s is soaring, especially from students that are coming in from overseas.  Knock in the fact that the UC system continues to kick up tuition and what you get is a guy that is basically acting like a corporate asshole, only he’s doing it with public funds and rubbing it in the nose of people that need to get his institution’s education to get a reasonable standard of living.  Jesus, what a worm.

Dear private sector, the feelings of Mr. Yudof don’t represent those hard working primary, secondary, and community college teachers that are struggling right along with you.  Marky is the worst kind of corporate whore; one that steals from kids to pay for his pension.  If reports are accurate, and if Mark Yudof remains the President of the UC system through 2015, his pension earnings will be $350,000 a year for the rest of his life. 

That’s as good of reason as any for not only a college revolt, but a statewide ejection campaign.      

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