Sunday, July 10, 2011

We interrupt the regular program for a small chronic break

Snoop Dogg can rest easy now because the Federal Government has decided that weed is not an acceptable cure for various medical ailments including headaches, splinters, hangnails, dealing with everyday life, and bouts of extreme boredom.  This allows the Doggfather to continue rapping about how cool it is to toke up and get down.  Because what the hell fun is it to rap about something that is legal?
At the same time most of California will go on having no real clue how they feel about marijuana.  It seems like their sensibilities feel so much better when someone says that legalization is for medical use; which pretty much flies in the face of the massive amount of high school and junior high students who bong rip on the weekends.  Unless there is a massive amount of cancer and glaucoma that I don’t know about, medical marijuana pretty much continues to be a massive joke here in Ukiah.  Yes, that’s Ukiah, or as I had a tell people at my AP Reading in Kansas City, “Yes, we are that town you saw on CNBC that is ruled by a stupid little plant.  Aren’t we fucking stupid.” 
The federal statement means basically zilch here on the North Coast where neighborly grows are the norm and much bigger concerns are the environmental disasters taking place in local forests due to illegal crop plantations, or the fact that you can’t hike in the local hills any more because you might run into a Mexican national carrying an Uzi trying to protect the precious bud.  It will still be an issue in schools and those idiots that promote the local drug culture will continue to insist that our town will be better to embrace the God granted weed.  Never mind that ever since marijuana was legalized crime has increased nearly four fold, people are fleeing the town, and Ukiah has been a national joke on 60 Minutes, the PBS Newshour, and CNBC. 
Take a hit on that.    
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