Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obama gets drunk in Rose Garden, screws up White House itinerary.


At 1:05 yesterday afternoon, Obama was hanging out in the Rose Garden.  His Presidential itinerary stated that he was making an announcement, however some other activities might have taken place while he perused the White House grounds.  We know that Barack likes his booze.  Hello, Beer Summit anyone?  And being drunk is the only explanation for the agenda and attendees at his 1:35  meeting:

The President hosts an education roundtable with business leaders, Secretary Duncan, Melody Barnes, and America’s Promise Alliance Chair Alma Powell and Founding Chair General Colin Powell.”

The invitees include:

· Marguerite Kondracke, president & CEO, America’s Promise

· Alma Powell, chairwoman, America’s Promise

· General Colin Powell, founding chairman, America’s Promise

· Craig Barrett, former president & CEO, Intel

· Glenn Britt, CEO, Time Warner Cable

· Steve Case, former chairman & CEO, America Online

· Brian Gallagher, president & CEO, United Way Worldwide

· William Green, president & CEO, Accenture

· Fred Humphries, senior vice president, Microsoft

· Rhonda Mimms, foundation president, ING

· Kathleen Murphy, president, Fidelity Personal Investments

· Ed Rust, CEO, State Farm

· Randall Stephenson, chairman & CEO, AT&T

· Bill Swanson, chairman & CEO, Raytheon

· Laysha Ward, foundation president, Target

· David Zaslav, president & CEO, Discovery Communications

· Former governor Bob Wise, president, Alliance for Excellent Education

· Anne Finucane, chair of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Bank of America

“I mean, thatsh ish one hellofa edshucation brainztruss right there……..*hiccup*”

Actually, that’s not an education brain trust at all.  In fact, there are enough Presidents and CEOs in that room to wonder if it was a conference dealing with jobs and the economy, not education.  And the thing is, that’s exactly what it was.  Business leaders come in and complain about lack of American labor while enticing government with half-ass grants that push agendas.  Microsoft is pledging $15 million to push computer-related education materials in an attempt to keep children in the classroom.  Note to Microsoft; your innovation will not keep children in the classroom.  In fact, I’d point to X-Box as doing the complete opposite.

It’s hard to have en education roundtable without people that are involved in education.  None of what they are doing is going to benefit my classroom.  It’s showmanship, corporate suck-upism at it’s best.  When the election comes up, Obama has a business money connection and in the end, education doesn’t change. 

Or maybe it was all a mistake, and a tipsy Mr. President mislabled this sham an “Education Roundtable” by accident. 

Thanks to Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post for letting the public in on this story.  

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