Friday, July 01, 2011

Mind back in motion

I’ve been on vacation with my wife.  A few days in San Jose, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and now I’m back and ready to give my next few weeks to the Gods of Hoop. 

I contemplated a few things while I was gone, most of them trivial like “the San Jose Giants are in a second half suck-fest” and “dolphins in the wild seem so much happier”.  But school did cross my mind on many occasions.  It revolves around the same topics as before; changing Gov/Econ, adjusting my focus for AP Comparative Government, and which direction to find success in AP U.S. History. 

One thing  have noticed is that social media has evolved into something that is actually more intrusive than reflective.  Maybe intrusive isn’t the right word….or maybe it is and I’m not as negative as it might sound.  Ok, it is negative but not negative like a Joe Pesci “Goodfellas” beat down.  I started this blog and Twitter as reflection and collaboration.  Twitter the same.  It’s amazing how quickly everything becomes an avalanche of “hear me” and “use me”.  This group and that group, everyone has a theory or software or apps or sites, and it easily becomes all-encompassing.  Therefore, the filter is going up on new educational ideas around technology.  I’m not closing anything, but the toolbox has turned into a garage full of ideas and I’m coming to the point where I’m buying more tools without a clear idea how they will be useful.  Time to calm down, reassess, relax, and plan. 

And if you happen to be on Twitter, I’m at @ukiahcoachbrown.  Yes, I’m active.  No, I’m not all about education, and what I talk about in terms of education is a lot like this blog.  That means sarcasm and the real world.  My main hashtag hangout is #sschat, a dedicated Social Science feed where us History geeks figure out ways to manipulate little children to get them to do what we want in our quest to conquer the planet.  It’s very alive and if you are a Social Studies tweeter, you should follow.  Otherwise, I talk a lot of things that are away from the ears of my students and make smart ass retweets of things that interest me.  If you don’t like the San Francisco Giants, you shouldn’t follow me.  If you think that it’s inappropriate to wish that Matt Latos ends up in a cell with Suge Knight, don’t follow me.  In fact, if you are a Dodger fan you should follow that elevator to the cellar of the National League West, dig a hole, and lie in it until Sarah Palin becomes President. 

That works.  

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