Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mr. Silva-Brown's Report Card, Part One "Ratings Game", 2011 edition

I present to you, part one of a three part series that looks at the "graded" Mr. Silva-Brown. At the end of each year I give out a report card with about 15 questions about my performance during the year.

The questions are:

-One a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being excellent), rate Mr. Silva-Brown's teaching this semester.

-Was I well organized?

-Did you understand what was going on?

-Do you think I have improved since September?

-Did you feel safe?

-Were students treated equally with respect?

-Was Mr. Silva-Brown’s sarcasm detrimental to learning?

-Describe your overall experience in the class

-What did I do well?

-What recommendations can you give?

-Give one piece of advice for next years students.

Today, I'll give you the numbers rating. The rating is first, followed by how many students rated me at that level.  One note, my AP Comp Gov class did not have the opportunity to fill out the surveys because the Finals schedule was too tight.  I asked them to come in and pick up an evaluation to fill it out.  Only a few did.

Here are the results:

Ten- 30   

Nine- 33   

Eight- 24  

Seven- 11  

Six- 2  



My average is an 8.5, a straight B. Up from an 8.2 (my lowest) a year ago, and not my highest from three years ago (8.9).

The 2 was all about wanting busy work and banning the use of quizzes.  One of the 4’s was from a Dodger fan that insisted on giving me a 4 because I liked the Giants.  The other two 4’s mentioned that my ego was too big and the class was too dictatorial.  And one of those mentioned that the reason why she was absent for many days was to stick it to me and my ego. 

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