Thursday, June 09, 2011

Live from 35,000 feet, or thereabout….

Jesus God.

I mean seriously.  I’m blogging from the plane and only because some yuppie chick has decided to piss off my 6’2” frame.  Before we were even in the air, this bratty little snot reclined her chair nearly straight into my lap.  I wasn’t nervous about take-off because I was trying to figure out if this beast had a 6’5” NBA boyfriend, because if she didn’t then I was very likely going to smack the headrest of her seat. 

She could have made it right by shutting up and falling asleep, pretty much the only reason you should recline.  But no.  The played on her iPad and stuffed her fat face with Oreos while smugly teasing her beau across the aisle; a Larry David look-a-like that was in dire need of a can of spray-on hair.  There is etiquette to flying, simple respect to other passengers.  You allow the middle passenger extra room.  You make sure you don’t slam people in the head.  And you at least turn around and see who is going to be the victim of a reclining drive-by. 

I hope her luggage ends up in Quaddfi’s palace in Libya, and her granny panties end up on one of his wives.

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