Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Graduation Conundrum

This is why I will never able to be an administrator.

June in Ukiah has failed to arrive.  I don’t know what exactly California did to deserve this kind of weather, but it can’t be good.  I realize that Maria Shriver comes from a powerful family, but daaaaaammmn.  Not that I don’t mind this February style climate that permeates the Ukiah Valley.  I’m big into listening to the rain and reading a good book, sipping on a coffee and waiting for the first pitch of a Giants game.  But in June? 

The climate plays hell on graduation.  We knew the weather was set to be miserable earlier during the week, and the preliminary plan was to hold it in the gym.  Because the gym can only hold a set amount, each student would be given three tickets to give to family members.  The reaction was very similar to Lebron James telling Cleveland to screw off.  It was visceral, and a tad bit amusing.  I did see a couple of “I REFUSE TO GO TO MY GRADUATION IF IT IS INSIDE” tantrums.  So the decision was made that, barring lightning, it was going to be held outside on the UHS football field, a muddy pit that might contain some kind of creature that probably swallows annoying graduates.  That’s going to go over real well with the people in attendance.  Either way the administration is probably going to catch hell.  I think they made the better choice though.  You give people the choice to sit through the weather.  If people came across the country to watch Joe Bob, they will be satisfied with the outcome or they won’t, but it will be their decision.

Me?  I woke up this morning to the sound of a falling branch hitting my fence.  Luckily the small tree that toppled fell the other way, but a sizable limb ended up on my lawn, a good 15 feet from the tree.  I’m not going to graduation either.  The wind is howling and it’s raining, and standing in this weather for ninety minutes is a great way for me to get sick, something I don’t need when I’m three days from leaving to grade AP tests.  They’ll just get my best wishes from the comfort of my living room.             

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