Sunday, May 08, 2011

#apush is trending right now

With my Advanced Placement U.S. History students tucked nicely into room R-10 and the passing period between first and second period in full sway, I popped onto Twitter to take a look at what teachers had done for a final review for the APUSH test.  What I saw was a massive #apush hashtag that was full of announcements of what was on the exam, DBQ and all.  While it shouldn’t have impacted test takers on the West Coast, I can imagine that Hawaii and Alaska must have enjoyed an advantage that had potential to skew the APUSH curve.  For the money and the time taken on preparing for the exam, this could annoy me a little.

The College Board is very explicit that students are not to discuss the questions on the test for days after the examination.  I wonder how organization that brings about some of the most important tests of a person’s high school career is going to deal with the ramifications of social media.

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