Thursday, March 17, 2011

A sense of accomplishment

It’s the small things that keep me going. 

At this point in the year I’m watching many of my Seniors start to lose focus; some checking out of their last year early, others getting accepted to their university of choice and already planning their move to the next level.  The only problem is that we aren’t finished yet, and a sudden realization has started to hit some that their lack of complete commitment might have a severe cost.  It ends up creating classroom dynamics that could be challenging if it wasn’t for my insistence that I won’t talk grades until after class or during lunch.  Surprise, 90% won’t bother after class.

After ten years I still get a shred of doubt in my teaching.  It’s not prominent, but it hovers around the back of my mind, lingering like some dark threat to my own confidence.  The year, especially in AP’s, is starting to grind, and I question whether or not I’m actually getting to people.  Well, this week I was given multiple signs that many students are not only getting the information, but also enjoying the class.  A little comment here and there.  A note from a parent.  A message from another teacher about student comments.  All these little things slammed the door shut on doubt and renewed by energy for the stretch run.  This week I’ve heard this comment many times:

“I go home and we (my family) talk about this class all the time”

Yep.  Good knowledge is happening here!

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