Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reflection and Awards


For me, basketball season is officially over. 

It was a very good season.  Due to other circumstances, four out of the five incoming Sophomores from last years Frosh starting line-up did not play, and that created an interesting void that was filled by four freshmen that I pulled up to the JV’s.  Those four started most of the season and learned a whole lot.  Our final record was 15-11, and I’m actually fairly content with that standing.  We got better and better, popped a few teams that were better than us, and lost to a couple that we probably should have beat.  If we were a varsity team, we would have made play-offs, and probably could have beat almost anyone we played.  It was a team were I would have wanted to go to play-offs because they were hungry for more games.

We had one buzzer beater win.  It was the first game of the season.  For the last game of the season we came back from a 17 point deficit against a team that had a six game winning streak and nearly hit a shot at the buzzer to win it.  One of my players was four points away from breaking the single game JV boy’s scoring record.  He had 34.  Another player had seven rebounds in a five minute span.  I had a freshman who pinned a block against the backboard in his first game, and ended up averaging nearly four blocks a game.  As it usually goes, coaching a young and fairly inexperienced team had moments of frustration.  Our team had a knack of getting down early and losing by a couple after a furious comeback.  When we jumped out early on teams, we were usually successful.

For some reason I was complemented a lot this year about my coaching.  I don’t know if I did anything different than usual except that I let the freshmen play a whole lot.  My rule is that if they come up, they play.  We ran man-to-man 90% of the season, and almost always pressed man full court.  Zones bothered us early but we worked on zone offense movement and eventually that was fine.  Our main issue was simple turnovers, and the only way to combat those is practice and experience.  I hardly ever ran our standard Wheel based offense.  About 65% of the time we ran a simple Passing Game, with the remaining 35% running a Princeton style pass-and-cut.  Next year, more Princeton.  I got one technical this year… the last game of the season.  I told the ref that he needed to protect my shooters from getting hit after the shot.  He ran by my bench and T’d me up.  Since the varsity coach and the vice-principal were standing right behind me, and were just as exasperated at the call, I think I’m ok. 

Awards handed out:

-Most Valuable Player:  In my mind, this is the guy that has contributed most to the team in greatest combination of ways.  Being most talented is only part of the equation.  I’ve denied this award to talented guys who don’t work hard, or treat their teammates like shit.  Mental toughness is just as important as physical toughness.  MVP’s have plenty of both.  I rarely give a dual MVP.  But I will if two guys matter that much.

-Coach’s Award:  Given to one or more players that gave an above and beyond contribution to the team.  Hard to give out since I have so many guys. 

-Most Improved:  Almost always given to two guys that show mental or physical improvements.  These are guys that I want around for the future because their potential is very vast.

-Captain’s Award:  Simply given to the two team captains.

-Most Inspirational:  Every member of the team, including myself, gets one vote.  The winner is most inspirational. 

I hardly ever have negative commentary about who gets what award.  It’s one of the perks of being a JV coach.

I didn’t have my official coaching review yet as the Winter Season only just officially ended.  I did see my player evaluations and they were quite good.  Parent complaints to the administration were zero.  Parent complaints to me were very minimal.  All-in-all, a good sign to prep for another season.

-Coaches Award:  These go to the person or people that

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